CKC - Canadian Kennel Club - DDB eligible to participate - 1 July 2011

CFC - Canine Federation of Canada - Rare breed registry in Canada

AKC - American Kennel Club - DDB recognition in Working group - 1 July 2008

UKC - United Kennel Club - American Registry w/Canadian clubs - Guardian group

FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale - European registry - FCI standard No. 116

Canadian news:

CKC shows … next up ???


Brandon, MB (Nov/16) - Juice goes BOB 3 of 4 shows and Buddha picks up the 4th; Obi picked up a couple of points for BOW x 2 so sitting on 8 points. Juice is now a GCH!!!


East St Paul, MB (Aug/16) MCA - Juice and Obi did very well at MCA splitting the available BOBs 2:3 and both made the cut in group at the two shows on Sunday. Juice needs one more point for her GCH and Obi needs four  points for his CKC CH. He accumulated six points - not bad for his first time in the ring in Canada


Portage La Prairie, MB (July/16) PKC - Juice takes breed over Buddha … twice ;) I think that puts her on 15 points towards her GCH


Oakbank, MB (May/16) FGKC - Juice and Buddha split the available BOBs


St Norbert, MB (Apr/16) AKC - Juice takes a group two!!!


St Norbert, MB (Mar/16) NWDS - Juice takes BOB all weekend


Brandon, MB (Feb/16) COKC - Juice took BOB all weekend to finish her CKC championship and Tate was Best Puppy ... and contrary to popular belief it doesn't always storm on Brandon show weekend ;)




US news:

AKC shows … next up ???


Orlando, FL (Dec/16) - Had a great week at the National dog show. Juice goes BOS x1 and select x 2 as well as BOBOH x 3. She also took BOB in the NOHS finals. Enjoyed lots of sunshine with some great DDBs and their folks  

Sioux Falls, SD (Oct/16) - Fun 3 day show - Juice took select x 2, Obi showed well - awesome costume contest!

Lexington, KY (Sep/16) - Had an outstanding trip to the Lexington cluster … Obi went BOW x 2 to finish his CH and then select x 3; Juice went BOS x3 and select x 2 for 22 GCH points and BOBOH x 4. Had a chance to meet some lovely DDB folks and had excellent BBQ … hope to go back one day.

Lake Elmo, MN (Aug/16) - Had an interesting weekend at Lake Elmo … picked up a couple of points and Juice went group 4 OH to salvage the trip.

Bismarck, ND (Aug/16) WOW!!! Had an amazing weekend with Juice and Obi … Juice took 3 of 4 BOB, a select, an OH grp 2, made regular group cut and took both a RBIS OH and a BIS OH … and finished her GCH! There are just no words! Obi took WD and BOW for 4 points and did fantastic for his first time out with his new dog show family!

Duluth, MN (July.16) - What a weekend!!! Juice’s first weekend out as a special and she goes BOB, BOS and select x2 for 15 GCH points … had a great time with lots of DDB friends at this fantastic show.

Fargo ND (Jun/16) - Juice goes WB for 2 of 3 shows for 3 point majors to finish her US championship - woohoo!!!

Bucks County KC, PA and Trenton KC, NJ (May/16) - Made the 25 hour drive to show to Bas Bosch and meet the East coast DDB folks and some wonderful dogues as the 2016 specialty was cancelled. Juice did very well taking WB with Bas and BOW/BOBOH at the two Trenton shows - for two majors as well as an OH group 4.



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